Often times, parents need help, support, and solutions when their children reach adulthood. There is a tremendous range of emotions parents face while trying to find and navigate supports and services. In addition, parents are becoming fully aware that they will not always be able to look after their children’s needs. At ETTA, we want to assure you that there are resources out there for families. There are solutions to assist in achieving the most fulfilling adult life for these children. In fact, ETTA provides many of these services. ETTA’s new service, Transitions, will assist families learn about these services, access them, know what steps to take, and offer professional guidance.

Transitions offers families a well-qualified facilitator with years of experience navigating, creating and implementing services and systems in place for people with developmental disabilities. The facilitator will work with individual families on a regular basis, so that the facilitator can truly get to know the families’ needs. Families can pick and choose what level and type of support that is needed. This service will offer the following supports:

  • Transitions: A well-qualified facilitator will develop customized person centered plan; support families in IPP transitional meetings; navigate Regional Center and other government funded services; navigate private services; identify best housing options; explore appropriate social opportunities; volunteer and/or employment opportunities; establish medical protocols for the future; identify legal services and much more.
  • Concierge Case Management: ETTA offers a “concierge” component that expands the range and hours of services available. Clients receive ongoing support that enables them to live where and with whom they wish, to pursue jobs and internships, and to construct a life filled with social events, friends, and any practices desired. This service allows parents to be just that – parents – instead of also functioning as an adult son or daughters full-time, on-call case manager. An ETTA supervisor takes over those functions and becomes the client’s main contact person regarding all day-to-day needs. Parents experience the joys of their child’s accomplishments and growth without the constant research, upkeep, and worry.
  • Provide Quality Direct Support: ETTA strives to match you and your adult son or daughter with a wellqualified Direct Support Professional (DSP). This service is available if you are currently not receiving regional center services but would like to hire a DSP.

The Transitions service is 100% customizable. It is a small investment of time and resources when one considers all that will be put into place for their child for many years to come. With support from ETTA, families will gain peace of mind knowing that they have done all they can to ensure a sustainable future for their adult child.

This service is for parents who are seeking to find the most meaningful services and services for their adult child. Since this service is 100% customized, we can serve people with a wide range of disabilities.

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